We joined the Condominium Travel Club/Pulaski tickets&tours 4882 A north Jefferson St. Pulaski, N.Y.

13142 Phone 877-453-8458 or 315-298-3355 for a fee of$3000.00 and we were supposed to be able to book a condo, one bedroom for $399 for the week,no black out dates, any where. In June I sent my requests to The Condo Club for three condo's for. After two and a half three weeks in October and November. After two and a half months of them doing nothing to fill my requests, I was advised they did not have their own inventory of condo's and have to rely on outside suppliers and there is no guarantee the can get me anything.

They can however book me a hotel, I said get me a hotel for $399 for the week/ I don't think so. I was forced to make my own arrangements and have written two letters the president, Patrick Hartough, requesting my $3000.00 back and I have not had the courtesy of a response to date.

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Port Huron, Michigan, United States #1353808

I have been using them for 18 years and can only say i had no problems Book cruises with them and condos.... You have to remember that this is a membership not ownership.

and they work with suppliers.. if you want a guarantee pay the $30,000 for a time share.

This is great and work for us.. and for only $3000 we more than paid for it back several times


I would like to update you on the complaint from our anonymous member.

We have resolved Mr. Gordon's issues with his first booking experience with us.

He is traveling to Florida and staying in the beautiful Wyndham Royal Vista condominium and savings hundreds on his accomodations. From time to time there are misunderstandings and miscommunications with our members. We are far from perfect. We try extremely hard to resolve any misunderstandings in a fair and amicable way.

We will continue to work diligently for our 50,000 members. Our mission is to provide the best accomodations for the least amount of money to all our members.

to Patrick Hartough - President - #710047

I will add this to the above complaint:

We joined the CTC 3 years ago for about the same "Fee" [approx. $3000.00].

Beware: Once you sign those papers & they take your money, DO NOT count on any more than receiving emails about "Dream Vacations" that you will never book. These people "Solicited" us for our membership. "Lured" us to a nice hotel for a presentation that promises everything you can imagine about booking these Marvelous, "Too Good to Be True" vacation values. They are SO HARD PRESSED to get your signature that they use "Arm-Twisting" Pro-Wrestler Techniques to get you to sign up.

After you forfeit your cash & leave that hotel, you will never get a thank you or any follow-up.

You will not get any more than the confusing manual that you received at the presentation. Once they get your money they are DONE with you.

to Say NO to the CTC Olympia, Washington, United States #1185929

We just started and can't say I disagree with you. Just a website that is not that user friendly. Put in my first request for a condo-- we will see if they do what they say.

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